Debt Elimination

By using the consumer protection laws and building a pre litigation case while in our Credit Repair program, we are able to have Debt Eliminated by leveraging these consumer laws. Most of our competitors recommend credit repair clients pay off their collection accounts or try to settle them. The truth is that many of these third parties are not supposed to even be on the credit reports to begin with. In addition, paying off these accounts may not necessarily increase your credit score due to the way they reflect on your credit report.

We strive in credit repair more effectively and in a manner that can potentially win our clients compensation. By doing this, our Paralegals initiate a legal procedure with these debt collectors. The prime reason we stand by this strategy is because most companies will violate the consumer protection laws and we are therefore able to leverage the credit repair client damages to offset the alleged debt. This strategy has resulted in the elimination of over $1,600,000 in alleged debt for our credit repair clients and the number is continuously climbing.

Stop paying the collections on your credit report and call us today to eliminate the debt and see REAL results!